One day, while they were walking their dogs, Barb mentioned to Jesse that some photographers and a planner in Vancouver were throwing a party for people  involved in the wedding industry. Feeling a little left out on their Island in the Pacific, Jesse and Barb decided Victoria needed it’s own party and thus the planning ensued.

Do we need more of a reason then that for a party? We don’t think so! We all work so hard helping other people have the party of their life, so we figured we all deserve a little party of our own. So come on out and see some old friends and hopefully meet some new ones as well. We have an AMAZING community here in Victoria and we want to celebrate that.

Our next meetup is May 28th 2017, at the newly opened Fort Common space, on Sunday, May 28th 2017, for a sit down dinner. Nick, from Toque Catering, is going all out with an amazing family style sit down dinner for us. Doors will open at 5:30, with dinner starting at 6:30.

Because this is a sit down dinner, we need a firm head count and are limiting tickets to 55 people. Tickets are on sale now for $55.